You can be NEXT!

Ashely Chance Greene

January 1st 2022 - August 25th 2022

The highlights, working with Carlo I have had a total body transformation. Lower back pain eliminated and 20+ pounds gone for good. For the story, read on. I have been working with Carlo for 2+ years now and my transformation took time due to my stubbornness. My only regret is I should have listened to Carlo sooner! When I began to work with Carlo, I was struggling with weight gain from a medication and severe lower back pain. I was seeing a chiropractor weekly and none of my clothes fit. Early on Carlo worked with me on exercise modifications due to my lower back pain. He gave me lots of tips for managing the pain on my own including “rolling out” and deep stretching. He also gave me recommendations for easy swap outs in my nutrition, so I didn’t have to go full crash diet mode like I have in the past. I’ll be honest I just didn’t do it. The only thing I was faithful about was training at the gym with Carlo. It took gaining even more weight and being in even more pain to finally make the changes. One day I decided enough was enough and asked Carol to tell me everything all over again. This time I listened. I started rolling out multiple times a day and stretching like Carlo taught me to. I made the food swap outs he originally suggested. It took about 6 months, but my lower back pain disappeared and not only did my clothes fit again but I had to buy new clothes in smaller sizes. Carlo is the most caring, knowledgeable, patient trainer anyone could ask for. He’s certified in just about everything and continues his education daily. I see him working with clients of all fitness levels as he does with me as I continue to progress. I highly recommend no matter where you are with your fitness and nutrition giving Carlo a shot at helping you achieve your goals like he did with me! I will continue to work with him for years to come.

Allison Valenzuela

October 26 2020 - May 29th 2022

I have been working with Carlo for about 4 years now and I have gained countless physical and mental results during this time. For whatever reason, I had a difficult time losing the baby weight and finding all my strength again after having my third child. It was Carlo that reignited the fire in me to want to push myself to the limits in the gym and it was also Carlo that pushed me way past those limits I set for myself in my own mind making me the strongest I have ever been. His workouts are challenging and creative, targeting all the different aspects of fitness from strength training to cardio to stability to endurance to power and everything in between, which is important to me to be as well rounded as possible and knowing there is always something I can be working on to improve my overall fitness. He is also constantly emphasizing the importance of recovery on a regular daily basis, showing me new ways to stretch/foam roll and he even offers tools like compression, assisted stretching, and cupping to help my body to continue to perform at its full potential. It’s been a work in progress for me but Carlo has also been helping me shift my mindset from chasing meaningless numbers on a scale to what health and wellness really means to me – being the best version of myself for my family, feeling good and energized as much as possible, and to just being able to keep pushing harder and getting stronger everyday. Carlo listens and knows what is important to me and is always there to keep me accountable to a well balanced lifestyle. 

Chantel Preuss

May 1st 2021 - December 1st 2021

Name the fad diet or latest weight-loss trend and it’s safe to say I’ve tried it! I have always been athletic and active but struggled with my weight and feeling good in my own skin after having 2 babies! My weight fluctuated minimally in between all the “quick fixes” I tried. Working with Carlo changed that, he taught me that weight loss doesn’t have to be hard but I have to put in the work. His approach is realistic and sustainable for my busy lifestyle with a career and two littles. Since working with Carlo I have lost over 20lbs, regained my confidence, and most importantly found the balance of fueling my body with healthy food while still enjoying an ice cream or treat with my kids!

Sheldon Henkle

May 10th 2021 - July 11th 2021

Coach Carlo has been the only trainer that I was able to hit my potential. By holding me accountable for me not staying true to my commitments and pushing me when I need to be pushed. Working out in one of Coach Carlo’s workouts can be challenging but it’s never nothing you can’t do. He understands your boundaries and slow will work with you to get outside your comfort zone so you can achieve your goals. Even with some of my nagging injuries he will implement alternatives so I can avoid pain and discomfort but still able to achieve getting a great workout in. Outside of being a fitness coach, Carlo has been there to always listen to you as a person and a friend. Thank you Coach Carlo for always continuing to be there for me as a coach and as a friend.